Resources for Survivors

Reaching out for support can be difficult. Here are some resources for survivors of sexual assault. 

Hear from Sasha Joseph Neulinger as he speaks about his journey in life as a survivor of multi-generational sexual abuse. We sponsored a screening of his film REWIND in Sonoma County in partnership with CPI.

We encourage you to seek out these great resources. Please note that each underlined organization is a link that will take you to their helpful website. 

Employee Assistance Plan (EAP)

Many employers have EAPs for their employees, which covers the cost of counseling. Check with your employer’s Human Resources Department.

Health care insurance

Many major health care providers such as Kaiser and Sutter provide counseling sessions as part of their insurance plan. Check with your health care provider’s benefits office.

Chrysalis Counseling Services for Women

Chrysalis provides counseling to women and men at sliding-scale rates based on net monthly income.

Phone: (707) 545-1670


Verity provides support services to survivors, including advocacy and therapy.

Crisis hotline: (707) 545-7273

Services: (707) 545-7270

Redwood Empire Chapter of CA Assoc. of Marriage & Family Therapists

Referrals to therapists and other services such as trauma-informed yoga.

Phone: (707) 583-1607


Sonoma County Victim’s Services Division

The Victim’s Services Division is a division of the Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office and provides advocacy for victims of crimes and assistance with state victim compensation claims

Phone: (707) 565-8250

California Victim Compensation Board

Provides compensation to crime victims. Claims must be brought within 7 years of the crime or 7 years of the age of majority.


The YWCA Domestic Violence Center provides short-term and long-term therapy to survivors, as well as group support.

Phone: (707) 546-1234

Sonoma County Family Justice Center

The Family Justice Center helps survivors find local resources.

Phone: (707) 565-8255

Child Parent Institute (CPI) 

Immigration Legal Resource Center

Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department

California Courts Self Help Center

Find assistance and information, work better with an attorney, and represent yourself in some legal matters.

Cortes de California, Centro de Ayuda 

“Bienvenido al Centro de Ayuda de las Cortes de California. Este sitio Web le ayudará a encontrar ayuda e información, trabajar mejor con un abogado y en algunos asuntos legales le ayudará a representarse a sí mismo.”

Alcoholics Anonymous of Sonoma County 

Narcotics Anonymous of Sonoma County

Northern California Region of Narcotics Anonymous

Sonoma State University

County of Sonoma Health Services 

ACLU of Northern California

National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

San Francisco Women Against Rape

Human Trafficking Victims:

Senate Bill 1193: Information for Victims of Human Trafficking

Sample notices with human trafficking hotlines are legally required to be posted in certain places where trafficking victims are likely to see them. The notices provide critical information on where to get help and tell the public how to report suspected human trafficking.

View and print in English and Spanish (En Espanol)

Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (CAST)

The mission of the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (CAST) is to assist persons trafficked for the purpose of forced labor and slavery-like practices and to work toward ending all instances of such human rights violations.

Motivating, Inspiring, Supporting and Serving Sexually Exploited Youth (MISSEY)
MISSEY provides direct services to commercially sexually exploited children and young women, which includes case management, resource services, and our Safe Place Alternative drop-in recovery center. They also provide exploited children with client advocacy, case management, and additional recovery and transition services.

New Day for Children
The programs provide safe and secure living environments for children from California and other referring states 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, until they are healthy and prepared to live again with their families or guardians or until attaining adulthood.

Mental Health:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals.  Call (800) 273-8255.

Find a Psychologist

The National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology provides an online directory of psychologists and additional helpful information.

Find a Therapist

Counseling California provides a searchable directory of licensed therapists, most of whom are members of the California Association of

Marriage and Family Therapists:

List of County Mental Health Departments
The California Department of Health Care Services' Mental Health Services Division maintains a list of county mental health departments on their website. The Medi-Cal and MHSA programs' services are directly provided at the local level by counties and their contract providers.

Find a Therapist on Psychology Today

Psychology Today's therapist listings include psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, counselors, support groups and treatment centers.

Therapy for Sexual Trauma & Other Abuse