Our Mission

At Fiumara & Milligan Law, PC, where former State Legislator Noreen Evans works with us Of Counsel, we are tenacious advocates for justice.  We believe it is our professional, civic and moral duty to protect those who cannot protect themselves, especially our vulnerable young children.   A full-service law firm with talented team members who specialize in a several significant areas of law and have a depth of commitment to our Northbay Community, former State Lawmaker Noreen Evans and Founding Partner Michael Fiumara have some 70 years of public and legal service to our community.  While in the California State Legislature, Noreen Evans was responsible for creating California’s Child Advocacy Centers, designed to protect abused children.  Thirteen years ago under the old, more restrictive Childhood Sexual Abuse law,  Founding Partner Fiumara broke new ground and won one of the earliest and most significant settlements on behalf of nine Childhood Sexual Abuse & Assault Survivors against the Diocese of Santa Rosa for $5 million.  No other law firm--either locally or nationwide--has the depth of knowledge, community commitment and service to survivors of childhood sexual abuse than Fiumara & Milligan, and no other two lawyers have the legal and legislative skills to match those of Noreen Evans and Michael Fiumara.  That commitment, that experience, that depth of advocacy for justice and commitment to our local community, is at the heart of our mission.  

 Our vision is to be most compassionate, highly competent and fearless advocates for justice for individuals who cannot advocate for themselves.  We believe in bringing all of our skills, our highest professional standards, and our deepest commitment to justice and top quality legal representation to the most vulnerable members of our community, especially our children.

Our Vision